Heavy Gear Blitz Peace River, NuCoal, & Utopia Kickstarters Pledge Manager Reward Levels

Step 1: Backer must select a Reward Level before selecting any Add-Ons below.

How the Pledge Manager Works: All pledge prices in the Pledge Manager are in Canadian Dollars (CAD) and Your Pledge Manager Account has the amount you pledged during the HGB Peace River & NuCoal or Utopia Kickstarters saved as Reward Points (1 Reward Point = $1 CAD) that will be applied applied against the Reward Level and any Add-Ons you select. First select Step 1: Kickstarter Reward Level product and once in it, see the Available Options and its Reward Level pull down menu, select your desided reward level and then click the blue "Add to Cart" button,

Then click on the link under Catagories Section in the top left of the screen to return to the Add-Ons Section and select any Add-Ons you want, clicking the "Add to Cart" button for them.

When your done selecting your Reward Level and any Add-Ons you want, then click on the "Shopping Cart" text link in the upper right of the screen, don't select Checkout yet.

Once in the Shopping Cart, check that you only have 1 Reward Level selected and that all the Add-Ons you want are there. Make sure your logged in and then look at the total on bottom right, you should see the Sub-Total, Your Reward Points automatically applied and the remaining Total to pay before the fixed shipping costs ($17 CAD for shipping in Canada, $19 CAD for shipping in USA, or $47 CAD for shipping International) are added. Click Checkout to confirm the billing address and enter a shipping address if different than the billing address, select the fixed shipping cost, and then select the payment method (Visa, Mastercard or PayPal). If you are also a Backer of the Utopia Kickstarter and previously paid the fixed shipping at checkout, the fixed shipping will be removed before your Visa or Mastercard is charged. If your paying with PayPal, the Pledge Manager automatically charges the fixed shipping cost and Dream Pod 9 will go refund it to your PayPal account after.  

Please Note that amounts pledged during the Kickstarter can not be used to pay the fixed shipping cost, as they were to select Reward Levels, Add-Ons and to Unlock Stretch Goals.

We will be locking the Pledge Manager when we begin shipping out the Backer Reward Packages (Expected in Early 2019), we'll let everyone know a few days before its going to be locked with an update post on the Kickstarter and our Facebook pages. Once you have confirmed your reward level and all the add-ons you wanted and gone through the checkout and paid the fixed shipping and for any extra add-ons selected your all done. If you've already checked out and are all paid up and you want to add some addtional add-ons to your reward package before we start shipping, please email Robert Dubois directly at rdubois@dp9.com with the request and he'll send you a PayPal money request  to get paid (or charge your Visa or Mastercard if requested) and then get the new add-ons added to the printout of your Backer Reward Shipping Sheet, which will be used to pull and pack your reward package. We'll be shipping your Backer Reward Package thank you gifts by your HGB Peace River & NuCoal or Utopia Kickstarter Wave & Backer Number. Unless your in the UK or EU we'll be doing a consolidated shipping of all those Backer Reward Packages to a forwarder in the UK, who will then mail them to you using the UK Royal Mail, so you don't get charded any VAT

If you're an Outside Backer, all the same applies, but you won't have any points in the account and your reward package will only start shipping after we have shipped all our original Kickstarter Backer reward packages (unless your in the UK or EU it will go with the planned consolidated shipping).

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STEP 1: HGB Peace River & NuCoal Kickstarter Reward Level (SELECT ONE)
Step 1: Backer must select a Reward Level before selecting any Add-Ons below. How the Pledge Mana..
STEP 1: HGB Utopia Kickstarter Reward Level (SELECT ONE)
Step 1: Backer must select a Reward Level before selecting any Add-Ons below. How the Pledge Mana..
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